•   Arthritis; rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis
  •   Headaches, migraines
  •   Back pain
  •   Sciatica  
  •   Hip pain 
  •   Knee pain 
  •   Leg pain   
  •   Ankle pain
  •   Foot pain  
  •   Heel pain  

One of the great strengths of acupuncture is its unique ability to effectively treat pain. Scores of scientific studies have found acupuncture treatment to significantly lessen and often eliminate chronic and acute pain. Literally from head to toe, from headaches and migraines to neck and back pain, to plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma, acupuncture excels at pain relief and management.

Traditional Chinese Medicine explains the presence of pain in the body with this axiom: “When there is pain, there is no free flow; when free flow is present, there will be no pain”.
Just what is this “free flow” the Chinese are referring to, and what does it have to do with pain?
Chinese medical theory holds that pain and illness are caused by some degree of blockage. When our life-energy, what the Chinese call “Qi”, is flowing unhindered throughout our bodies, we will experience health and well-being. When this energy, this Qi is blocked or prevented from moving freely, often the first symptom to appear will be pain. If the blockage, called stagnation in Chinese medicine, is left untreated, the pain can become severe, and may eventually affect other areas in the body. 

The quick, bottom-line explanation I often give for how acupuncture works (when I see folks’ eyes glazing over upon hearing “life-force” and “Qi- flow” talk), is that Chinese medicine increases blood flow to damaged tissues. When any area is deprived of its normal flow of blood and the nutrients and healing properties inherent in it, that area will respond with pain and/or some other kind of dysfunction. Restoring full blood flow to an injured area will result in relief of pain and a return to health.

Acupuncture restores free the flow of blood and Qi by the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body known to open blockages - acupuncture points. These acupuncture points are on well-mapped pathways called channels or meridians, which circulate the Qi and blood throughout the body. Depending on the location of pain, the skilled practitioner will employ the  appropriate meridians and acupuncture points to affect a speedy healing response.

Chinese herbal medicine is another powerful treatment option that is very effective for all kinds of pain, especially when combined with acupuncture. Chinese herbs and acupuncture are the original holistic medicine, which seeks not to mask symptoms but to find the root cause of illness and pain. Find out more about Chinese Herbal therapy here.

Conditions which show outstanding results for pain relief and management using acupuncture, Chinese medical massage, and Chinese herbal medicine;​

Acupuncture for Pain Relief in Lafayette, CO

 Acupuncture Pain Relief and Management

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain (tennis elbow, golfer's elbow)
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Hand pain               
  • Whiplash and other auto accident pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Fibromyalgia

This is a partial list, there are many more pain conditions that may be treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please call or email to see if your particular condition may be addressed with this powerful alternative medicine. Holistic medicine is truly the path to take if you wish to avoid drugs and surgery, or if conventional treatments have not worked. Acupuncture for headaches, neck and back pain relief in Lafayette and the whole of Boulder County and beyond is just a call away.

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